1. Can dandelions kill cancer?

    The dandelion as a medicinal plant is popular in naturopathy and is even said to be effective against cancer. Basically dandelion promotes digestion, stimulates the metabolism and has a diuretic effect above all.

    However, leaves, flowers, the flower buds as well as roots are tasty and can enrich our cuisine culinary. For example, dandelion leaves are suitable for salads, pesto or sauces. The root serves as a vegetable. The buds can replace capers and steamed sprouts.

    The bottom line is that several studies have described the useful pharmacological profile of dandelion for the treatment of various diseases. For example, dandelion has recently been shown to have anti-diabetic properties. Its bioactive chemical components,

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  2. How to Prevent Germs, Flu, and Bacteria

    Every year, annoying ads scream about how to sanitize and use antibacterial soaps to fight the flu. You are told that you need to take care of surfaces such as door handles, door handles, telephones, keyboards, and other key touchpoints found in your daily life.

    If you are managing a workplace, you may have an additional responsibility to determine the best way to protect your employees from illness.

    Flu and germ prevention is a serious matter. Every year we flood news about the latest version of the flu, which will lead to the next pandemic. At least that’s what the media wants you to believe.

    Preventing the spread of the influenza virus in health facilities may seem more difficult than in other environments. However, doctors are well prepared for the treatment and care of patients and are probably the best training.

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  3. Hair Care Secrets for Long, Healthy Locks

    Who can deny that one of the best things a woman can wear is her hair? You can make any style you want and change it in minutes. However, achieving a long and healthy hair is not entirely easy.

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  4. Can You Eat Dandelions? Important Reasons To Consider It

    The dandelion is a plant known for its exotic beauty and its seeds that fly at the slightest whiff of wind. It grows spontaneously and there is no need to plant it or water it, and it beautifies the surroundings where it is. But did you know that it also has many benefits for our health? This vegetable, scientifically known as Taraxacum officinale, is as beautiful as it is healthy and can be used with great versatility on the menu.

    How to consume dandelion?

    The dandelion can be eaten in salads, juices or teas, and can be taken several times a day, without major side effects.

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  5. Why should I use Eco-Friendly Detergents?

    In addition to not polluting the environment, ecological detergents are much more careful of clothes and different household surfaces than non-ecological ones. And, at the same time, they are more effective.

    Non-ecological detergents contain different chemical ingredients among which there are cleaning agents (called surfactants) along with others that reinforce the effect (phosphates, carbonates, perborates, enzymes, foaming agents, dyes) and that are mostly derived from petroleum.

    Its impact on the environment is ended in rivers and

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  6. 11 Habits for Healthy Hair

    Getting beautiful and healthy hair is not always easy, factors such as temperature changes, our state of health or our diet can alter the appearance of our hair.

    Considering these changes, we tend to treat the hair by applying chemical products. This not only does not contribute to the health of the hair but it also can have medium and long-term adverse effects on the health of the hair and skin.

    Today we will bring you a list of 6 habits that will help you take care of your hair in the most natural way possible, without resorting to chemicals.

    6 habits that will help you take care

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  7. Detox With Dandelion After Big Meal In CNY

    Dandelion is well known for its detoxifying properties. On the eve of the Chinese new year, there will be a festive environment. Parties to attend and lots of eating. After a big meal in CNY, you need to detoxify your body.  Dandelion will help to do this naturally.

    Dandelion is much more than the weed found at the bottom of our gardens. With its powerful diuretic power, it has been used for more than a thousand years to treat diseases of the liver, renal system, and biliary. 

    Things to know about Dandelion

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  8. Refresh your home to welcome guests in CNY

    We are arriving in January, a month more than special for Chinese people, without a doubt. From this time the countdown starts for the Chinese New Year's Eve parties and gatherings.

    These dates carry many noble expectations and feelings. Christmas brings the spirit of love, solidarity, fraternity, and companionship. The Chinese New Year is marked by the feeling of the beginning of a new phase, of renewal, prosperity, hope and, of course, we all want to start on the right foot.

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  9. 10 Ways To Use Dandelion Leaves

    Many people see the dandelion as a weed that grows on lawns, paths, and sidewalks and near curbs. In fact, the benefits of dandelion and its leaves are enormous. This is evidenced by history and many modern facts and discoveries. It can be eaten while receiving many nutrients that are super beneficial to your health.

    The fight against hepatitis, cholecystitis, gastritis, and pancreatitis is very exhausting for the patient. Dandelions are a wonderful plant that is used in the treatment of these diseases. Moreover, it is recommended to use it for joint pain and for those who have problems with the bladder. The composition of leaves and roots

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  10. The bad effects of Ammonia in Hair Dye

    Almost every woman dyed her hair at least once in her life because we love to change so much! Ammonia-based dyes are best suited for radical changes. Ammonia-free dyes are suitable either for calmly tinting your color or for filling bleached hair. They are considered more economical. But if you want a bright and lasting color, you can’t do without preliminary clarification anyway. The question arises: how harmful is ammonia in dye?

    Why add ammonia to hair dye

    The main purpose of ammonia in hair dyes is to cause swelling of curls, which enhances the effect o

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