Many families are choosing wood floors over tiles these days. Wood brings a sense of comfort upon contact and instantly brings class to the space. It can, however, be quite a pain to clean when it comes to selecting and using floor cleaners. Water simply isn’t enough to do the job and even the driest-rung rag will leave water marks behind. Before the floor gets a chance to air-dry, your baby or pet has left a trail of footprints all over the wood floors giving you the dooming feeling that you’ll never be able to clean the floors well.


So how can we clean the floors easily and effectively?


Wood floors need care and attention, tile floors don’t hide filth, and kitchen floors are most susceptible to oil and grease. Generic cleaning supplies typically wouldn’t satisfy the need to clean and disinfect which is why using specialized natural floor cleaners is the best solution to efficient and effective floor cleaning. Most floor cleaners on the market include chemicals that are hazardous or affect our health. The evaporating residue can easily be inhaled by young children who crawl around and cause breathing problems or even become a hazard if accidentally ingested. This is why we strongly suggest using all-natural floor cleaners that are safe for the environment and cleanse and disinfect effectively.


The Five Benefits of Using Natural Floor Cleaners

  • Cares for wooden floors

  • Safe for the baby and whole family

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Insect repellent

  • Comfortable environment with a fresh natural scent


Step 1- use natural floor cleaners to clean from the outside in

No matter the type of floor you have, the common key point is to clean from the outside in. The “in” means the place where you change out the water. Start from the furthest point away from the water and begin cleaning using natural floor cleaners to avoid stepping over and recontaminating the freshly cleaned areas.


Step 2- use different natural floor cleaners for different types of flooring

When cleaning wood floors, use a well-wrung-out mop or wet Swiffer to mop the floors then finish by drying up the floors with a dry mop. For stubborn areas, try using specialized natural cleaners for wood furniture or hardwood polish cleaners to battle those stains.

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Tile floors can also be cleaned using the method aforementioned. Dust and old stains might be hard to remove with a simple wipe. These can be easily taken care of by using natural floor cleaners. Pay special attention to the tile grouts where gunk and grime can collect, nothing a brush can’t take care of.

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ATTITUDE LIVING Floor Surface Cleaner Tile & Wood

BIOKLEEN Bac-Out Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner


Step 3- use naturally scented floor cleaners to make your home warm and comfortable

Using naturally scented floor cleaners can bring your floors back to life. The refreshing natural herbal fragrance is a nice change from those pungent chemical scents. Using naturally scented floor cleaners is an efficient way to clean while also filling the air with natural aromatics to create a comfortable and safe living environment.

Serendipity House Recommendation:

ECOS Floor Cleaner Lemon & Sage

BETTER LIFE Simply Floored Floor Cleaner Citrus Mint


Step 4- mops must be cleaned, wrung out, and kept in a dry space

Other than using natural floor cleaners, after each cleaning session, clean the mop thoroughly and wring out as much water as possible. Place the mop in a cool and dry place. When the mop begins to harden or blacken, do not waste your time trying to clean it. Toss it and buy a new mop. Did you know that mops like this are dirtier than the toilet? Using it to “clean” will only spread those germs onto the floor and all around! Using a wet mop will also leave stains and germs on the floors which will ruin the aesthetics and your family’s health.


For your personal and your family’s health and safety, get into a good cleaning habit and select natural floor cleaners to remove potential hazards and say goodbye to all your cleaning troubles!