When summer rolls around, you’re exposed to intense high temperature UV rays the moment you step outside. In these conditions, your scalp can get damaged quite easily. Heat makes the glands in your skin secrete more oil. If you don’t wash your skin thoroughly during the summer, the pores on your scalp get clogged very quickly. You think you’ve escaped this problem because you’re sitting under an air conditioner? In reality, an air-conditioned room is super dry, which causes your hair to lose moisture and protein. You might be wondering, “In the face of sweltering heat and air conditioning, how should we take care of our hair and scalp then?”


Today, we’re going to share some simple tips for your scalp and hair that will keep you looking great all summer long.


Step 1-Massage

Thanks to our busy schedules, most of us don’t give ourselves a scalp massage before washing our hair. Giving yourself a scalp massage on a daily basis can actually stimulate blood flow to your head and boost circulation in your scalp, which in turn increases oxygen levels in your blood. Before washing your hair, giving yourself a scalp massage can unclog blocked up pores. This opens up your pores and helps remove junk from your scalp while washing your hair. Having clean pores increases your natural ability to regrow hair. When giving yourself a scalp massage, we recommend using Natulique Exfoliative Scalp and Skin Therapy to soothe and settle down your scalp. This product is rich in organic ingredients and urea, which softens your scalp, increases its water binding capacity, and reduces cracking and roughness.

NATULIQUE Exfoliative Scalp Therapy



Step 2- Wash

After giving yourself a scalp massage, it’s time to start washing your hair. You can actually strengthen your hair by using shampoo that’s right for your particular hair type. The sun’s intense UV rays during the summer is bound to damage your hair and scalp. Therefore, we recommend using Attitude Living of Canada’s all-natural Nourishing and Strengthening Shampoo. Attitude Living’s products are all EWG Verified and in line with Ecologo Certification standards. People with sensitive skin can rest assured that this product won’t cause them any problems. Attitude Living Nourishing and Strengthening Shampoo is rich in all-natural plant-based ingredients, which detoxifies and prevents pollutants from attaching to your hair and scalp. Grape seed oil and olive leave extract keep your hair shiny and radiant by providing thorough conditioning for your hair follicles as well as repairing and softening dry and damaged hair.

ATTITUDE LIVING Natural Shampoo Nourishing & Strengthening



Step 3 - Nourish

A strand of hair is like a seed taking root in soil. Hair and seeds both need regular care and attention so that they can grow up to be healthy and strong. Therefore, after washing our hair, we need to provide the proper nourishment right away. However, chemical ingredients found in scalp care products put your hair on the path to ruin. These types of products can cause a myriad of problems such as pore blockages, dependency, and an accelerated rate of hair loss. We recommend using Natulique Deep Penetrating Intensive Hair Mask. The ingredients in this hair mask are all-natural and have received relevant certifications. Provide yourself with top-notch hair care while keeping your scalp healthy. The formula’s fatty acids and lipids strengthen and help your hair stay looking healthy and radiant by reducing frizz and closing and sealing your hair cuticles.

NATULIQUE Intensive Hair Mask



Step 4 - After-Care

Everybody out there loves to look good, so we spend the proper time and effort on getting our hair styled and colored. However, most hair styling products out there contain chemical ingredients that can damage your scalp quite easily. Chemical dyes are highly toxic and even carry the risk of giving you cancer. Therefore, we recommend protecting your hair by using Naturigin Hair Colour. Their range of products has received EcoCert Organic Certification, provides outstanding color, and is made with 12 different types of plant oils and extracts. Put your mind at ease when coloring your hair. Naturigin Hair Colour has contained the least amount of PDD, 3 to 6 times to be exact, of any hair dye in the world for many years.




Besides washing and providing the proper care for your hair and scalp, it’s important to remember to take precautions against sun exposure during the summer. For instance, you should always wear a hat or carry a parasol. Make sure to comb your hair often. This helps keep dust out of your hair and can reduce issues related to having an oily scalp.