Are you still unfamiliar with the concept of “Clean Beauty?” After the all-natural, organic, additive-free trends, clean beauty is the next big thing that has taken over in the cosmetic and skin-care product industry. Large cosmetic research institutions have also made “clean beauty” one of their major scoring standards. In this article, we will introduce a clean, pure, and pollution-free trending beauty product that has swept through the United States to Hong Kong. This brand, Derma E, has been certified by American dermatology authorities and is available for purchase in Hong Kong.


The Origins and Definition of the Clean Beauty, All-Natural, Organic Skin Care Brand, Derma E

Clean Beauty started as a niche concept. As pollution continues to be an increasing concern, people are placing more importance on healthy living and environmental protection. The “Clean Eating” and “Clean Make-up” trends have risen as part of the “Wellness Movement.” As the public learns more about cosmetic regulations, Clean Beauty is becoming a standard marker for whether a product should be considered. While there currently is not a strict definition for what Clean Beauty entails, the three requirements that are generally followed are safe and non-toxic, clear labeling of ingredients, and low environmental impact. Derma E is an all-natural organic brand that holds high standards, staying true to its beginnings and making products from all-natural ingredients.


American Dermatologist Recommended Brand - Derma E, safe and additive free

One of the things that Clean Beauty products emphasize is the safe ingredients used in its products. They are free of endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, and other harmful substances. Besides only using all-natural ingredients, Derma E also conducts plenty of clinical testing to ensure that the products they make do not cause side effects to the human body.  Derma E is a Clean Beauty brand founded by a team of dermatologists. The Clean Formula that they developed eliminates the use of parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, mineral oils, artificial colors, and over 2700 other harmful substances. The products undergo rigorous clinical trials to guarantee safe use on your skin.


Derma E has clear product labeling, making it easy to see all the ingredients

There is a whole array of brands on the market that claim to be made with Clean Beauty standards. Some of these brands also like to throw around the terms “organic” and “vegan” to add to the confusion. Another criterion of Clean Beauty is having clear labeling that lists all the ingredients in the product. Vegan or organic products that do not specify the exact ingredients do not fulfill the definition of Clean Beauty. Providing complete and explicit product information has always been one of Derma E’s core brand concepts. A complete list of all ingredients in Derma E products can be found on the packaging and product instructions so that clients will have a full understanding of what they are using.


Derma E is determined to be a sustainable, eco-friendly brand

Do you believe that organic products are environmentally friendly? Waste from packaging and the production’s carbon footprint will all affect the environment. The third core concept of Clean Beauty is leaving a low environmental impact. Products that comply with the Clean Beauty standards do not use animal testing and are packaged in bio-degradable and recyclable material to prevent waste pollution. Derma E’s products are all packaged in recyclable materials to reduce plastic waste. They are committed to using wind-powered energy in place of traditionally generated energy to reduce their carbon footprint. Moreover, Derma E is determined to take its share of social responsibility and collaborate with Clean Hub to collect and recycle 10,000 pounds of plastic waste from the ocean and actively improve our environment.


Using Clean Beauty cosmetic and cleansing products isn’t only about selecting products that are suitable for yourself, it is also a healthy attitude towards life. Serendipity House is the exclusive agent for Derma E’s popular products. Choose to improve your skin’s health and condition today while contributing your share to bettering our environment!

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