As the pandemic subsides, everyone is feeling safe again and the amount of homecooked meals is starting to skyrocket. Mom’s been putting in overtime as the family’s sole cook and pouring her heart into looking up new recipes, so that everyone can have healthy and delicious meals. However, buying food, prepping, and not to mention cooking, has pushed mom to the brink. After all this, she’s sure to scream out “I quit!” after seeing a sink full of dirty dishes after everyone thanklessly scarfs down their food. So to keep mom in the game, many families buy a dishwasher for their house. Best yet, some of these dishwashers have settings that kill bacteria and viruses. Everyone has become more health conscious in the wake of the pandemic, so sanitizing your dishes and cutlery is now a non-negotiable!


Using a dishwasher is super simple. All you have to do is put some dish soap into your dishwasher and press a button. Before you know it, your dishes are sparkling like when you brought them home from the store. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed on what to buy when facing a massive aisle of dishwasher soaps and detergent at the store. As people that care about the planet, we should support brands that have received international eco-friendly certification when choosing natural dishwasher detergent. Only by doing this, can we guarantee that after we do our dishes, the wastewater we create doesn’t harm the environment. When buying your natural dishwasher detergent, look for the following:

-Free from chlorine bleach and phosphates.

-Can cut through grease and grime but can dissolve without leaving residue.

-Has natural ingredients that are biodegradable and don’t harm the planet.


Serendipity House of Hong Kong’s online shop has the best natural organic products from around the world. We are committed to providing everyone with healthy high-quality products to help facilitate a natural lifestyle. Today, we want to introduce our 5 best-selling dishwasher detergents that are internationally eco-friendly certified. With this info, you’re sure to be able to keep all your dishes sparkling while doing your part to protect the planet.


Seventh Generation – Lemon Dishwasher Detergent Gel

This natural dishwasher detergent doesn’t contain artificial fragrance or chlorine bleach and has received an EPA international safety certification. The natural ingredients in this dishwasher detergent will keep you safe while protecting the environment. Its special formula has plant enzymes that will make sure everything that goes into your dishwasher comes out sparkling clean. This product is especially made for dishwashers and its natural plant-based ingredients give off a lemony zest. Keep your house smelling fresh with Seventh Generation Lemon Dishwasher Detergent Gel.



Puracy Dishwasher Pods - Additive Free

Puracy’s natural dishwasher detergent contains ingredients that are derived from plant and mineral sources. Its formula includes plant enzymes that can safely cut through food and grease stuck to your dishes. The days of having nasty soapy hands are over. These pods come in sealed containers that are easy to store and use.



Seventh Generation Auto Dish Packs Ultra Power Plus

These ultra-strong dish packs contain natural dishwasher detergent, and its special dual action formula is made with chlorine-free bleach. Rest assured that this product is super safe because it doesn’t contain phosphates or artificial fragrances either. The plant enzymes in these dish packs are your best friend for removing the toughest food bits and grime stuck onto your dishes. Better yet, its oxygen bleach can help you in the fight against dirty dishes better than any chemical-based products out there. We’ve been using these dish packs for ages because these single use pods make life that much easier.



Seventh Generation Dish Detergent Powder

This natural dishwasher detergent powder contains natural plant derived enzymes that are tough on grime. Rest assured that this detergent is ultra-safe because its formula doesn’t have chlorine, phosphates, fragrances, chemical additives, or toxins and doubles as a water softener. These boxes of detergent are massive and can last up to three months. Best yet, the packaging for this detergent was designed with you in mind and will make your life just that much easier.



ECOS Wave Dishwasher Gel

The natural dishwasher detergent in ECOS Wave Dishwasher Gel comes from plant-based ingredients. Its formula acts as a water softener naturally without purposely adding in any additional softening salts. You can use highly effective ECOS Wave Dishwasher Gel in just about any dishwasher out there. Also, you can use just the amount you actually need each time, so you won’t create unnecessary waste. This amazing dishwasher gel will keep your dishes and even glasses and silver brilliant and looking like new.



Serendipity House of Hong Kong is your first choice for all the best natural, useful, and eco-friendly dishwasher soaps on the planet!