Founded in 1980, Seventh Generation is now one of the biggest eco-friendly brands for household products in the world. The name “Seventh Generation” is borrowed from a Native American proverb, which states that whenever we do something, we should consider the impact on our descendants for the next seven generations. Seventh Generation adheres to the humane principle of not engaging in animal testing, is a Certified B Corp, and makes sure all their products are effective natural cleaners. Seventh Generation also continues to fight for climate change issues, advocates for putting an end to fossil fuels, and supports the just transition to renewable energy.


If you care about your health and are a fan of sustainable products, you should take a look at our list of Seventh Generation’s eco-friendly household and personal care products:


- Seventh Generation Baby Products

Babies absorb a product’s ingredients through their skin much more easily than adults. On top of this, babies also have allergic reactions quite easily because their skin hasn’t fully developed yet. Therefore, when buying baby products, you should make sure they’re free of hormone disruptors, dyes, fragrances, preservatives, and antibacterial agents. Seventh Generation baby products are made with your baby’s sensitive skin in mind and have passed dermatological tests. Moms can rest assured that all Seventh Generation baby products are safe for their little ones.



- Seventh Generation Feminine Products

When it comes to their skin or emotions, women are naturally sensitive. In addition, hormones affect women whenever that time of the month rolls around. We are prone to having allergic reactions because our skin is much more sensitive during our cycle. On top of this, chemicals found in feminine products are highly irritating and can easily trigger allergic reactions. Choosing products with natural non-irritating ingredients are your safest bet when you’re on your cycle. Seventh Generation cares about women’s sensitive skin. Therefore, the ingredients in their feminine products are all from natural plant-based sources, and don’t contain artificial fragrances or dyes. With Seventh Generation’s products, you don’t have to worry about coming in contact with chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions.



- Seventh Generation Household products

Thanks to the pandemic, we are all spending a lot more time at home. However, most household products contain harmful chemicals. These are without a doubt the silent “killers” lurking around our houses. Moreover, the chemicals found in household products wreak havoc on the environment and damage our ecosystem after getting into household drains and pipes. Therefore, Seventh Generation uses 100% biodegradable packaging and the ingredients in their household products all come from all-natural plant-based extracts. Their cleaning products are tough on grime, but don’t leave any chemical residue around your house because their plant-based ingredients break apart naturally. Keep your house and the environment safe and sound with Seventh Generation’s household products.



- Seventh Generation Pandemic-fighting Sanitizers  

During the pandemic, everyone has taken precautions to fight COVID in order to keep themselves safe and healthy. Therefore, sanitizers have become a necessity for daily life. However, sanitizers with chemical ingredients kill bacteria and viruses, but they are also very harmful to us and can even increase our risk of getting cancer. Buying sanitizers with natural chemical-free ingredients is the only way to ensure we actually stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. Seventh Generation anti-bacterial cleansers are made from plant-based extracts, don’t cause health issues due to exposure to chemicals, and kill 99% of household germs. 



- Seventh Generation Paper Products

Paper products are essential to any household. Unfortunately, we have to cut down trees to make paper products. On top of this, lumber has to then be processed into pulp. This process creates toxic and harmful waste that doesn’t, or is hard, to break down. This waste eventually builds up and can cause damage to living organisms after it is discharged into natural water sources. In high concentrations, chemicals can kill things instantly. Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue is made from 100% eco-friendly recycled paper and is bleached with chlorine-free substances. This toilet paper adheres to eco-friendly manufacturing processes, and doesn’t contain additives, dyes, fragrances, or toxins. But remember, in addition to using Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue, you should cut down on paper products to protect the environment.



"Join us on our mission to transform the world into a healthy, sustainable, and equitable place for the next seven generations." ─ Seventh Generation. From the very start, we’ve worked to create products you can feel good about bringing into your home – products that you can trust to work well while also keeping people & planet in mind, always. Exclusively offered by Serendipity House.