Take on the Day with Dandy Blend Coffee Alternative

For people that work in an office, your daily cup of coffee is the boost you need to rise and grind. However, before you know it, you’re hooked, and without your cup of java you’re useless. Even though you know that coffee is bad for your stomach, you can never seem to leave your favorite mug in the breakroom. What’s worse is that research shows decaf or low caffeine blends come with their own set of potential issues. Therefore, Serendipity House’s team is happy to bring you Dandy Blend Coffee Alternative, a beverage that has coffee’s same amazing flavor without a drop of caffeine. This tasty drink is as easy to make as regular drip coffee and its all-natural ingredients helps your body get rid of unwanted toxins.


Top 3 Reasons to Make Dandy Blend a Part of Your Morning Routine:

1) Drinking too much coffee might induce caffeine overdose

No one will argue that coffee makes you more alert, and a cup of your favorite blend is a much-needed reprieve from a busy day at work. However, once it becomes a part of your daily ritual, it’s easy to start drinking several cups a day. Eventually, you’re still tired no matter how much you drink. Unpleasant side effects such as headaches or heart palpitations might even start showing up. These symptoms are actually your body sending you a warning sign that you’ve taken in too much caffeine and that it’s time to pump the breaks. Coffee is probably not your best choice if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, or your stomach acts up a lot. For you and your doctor’s sake, it’s high time that you’ve switched over to a coffee alternative!


2) Decaf coffee has its own set of potential problems

So-called “decaf coffee” isn’t actually caffeine free. 90% of the caffeine is removed while processing decaf coffee, so in reality this variety should really be called “low-caffeine coffee.” Most decaf coffee is made through a solvent extraction process. As the name suggests, beans are soaked in a solvent such as dichloromethane or ethyl acetate. Afterwards, the soaked beans are roasted and then ground into coffee powder. As you can see, decaf coffee has the potential to contain harmful chemical residue, which can impact your nervous system. Even though most blends have been tested before showing up in your local supermarket, drinking decaf coffee comes with certain risks.


3) Caffeine substitutes are healthier

At Serendipity House we hear the pain of most office workers out there. We all want to enjoy our coffee, but also want to rest assured our health isn’t being ground up. Get the best of both worlds with Dandy Blend Coffee Alternative. This amazing drink from the US is good for you and can help you scratch that hard to shake coffee itch. Dandelions are rich in nutrients, full of vitamins, and have essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, and sodium. Dandy Blend Coffee Alternative’s formula helps boost your immune system and your body’s ability to absorb nutrients thanks to its formula packed with natural extracts from barley, rye, chicory, and beetroot. On top of this, we know that a lot of office workers have acid reflux and digestion issues from drinking too much coffee. Dandy Blend Coffee Alternative can help solve these painful conditions by soothing your stomach pain and alleviating bloating. With so many health benefits, and the same amazing taste as coffee, reach for a cup of Dandy Blend Coffee Alternative the next time you need a pick-me-up at work. 


Dandy Blend is made from completely soluble extracts of roasted roots of chicory, dandelion, beets, roasted grains of barley and rye - all herbs and grains with significant health-promoting and curative reputations. It is suitable for everyone, even for pregnant women.