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Himalayan Crystal Salt

OHCS Crystal Stones 1kg

All-Natural, Mineral-Rich Salt Water for Optimal Long-Term Health (Provides 84 Essential Minerals)

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Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones (1kg)

All-Natural, Mineral-Rich Salt Water for Optimal Long-Term Health (Provides 84 Essential Minerals)

The health benefits include:
- Balancing the bodies' pH and eliminating toxins from the body
- Regulating blood pressure and stabilizing irregular heartbeats
- Improving skin conditions by cleansing the body from within
- Clearing sinus congestion and mucous/phlegm in the lungs
- Strengthening bones and preventing gout/muscle cramps

How does Original Himalayan Crystal Salt differ from other salts?
Original Himalayan Crystal Salt is pure, mineral-rich, unrefined and unprocessed salt that is pollutant-free. It is naturally extracted by hand from an exclusive mine in the Himalayan Mountains and then hand-washed, hand-crushed, and hand-packed. This assures that the salt's 84 natural minerals and inherent energy remain in perfect crystalline form, optimizing the bodies' absorption of its health benefits.

Salt Water Preparation:
 Add one teaspoon of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole (fully saturated salt water) to a glass of spring or artesian water and drink it each morning, before consuming anything.

Sole Preparation:

  1. Place the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones in a sealable glass jar until it fills 1 inch of the jar. Add 2-3 inches of good quality spring or artesian water above the stones, completely covering the crystals with water. Let it sit overnight.
  2. If all the crystals have dissolved, add a few more Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones to the water. Once the crystals no longer dissolve, leave the remaining undissolved stones in the jar as proof that the Sole is ready.

Notes: Keep the Sole covered to prevent evaporation. As you use up the Sole, add more water and salt to keep the water fully saturated with salt. Fully saturated Sole will not spoil as salt is naturally anti-bacterial. 

Ingredients: 100% Original Himalayan Crystal Salt

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